My Time at the Executive Office of the President

October 2015 to March 2016

I was put in charge of our EOP account by one of the Principals. A big deal to me, back then. We were close and he seemed eager to indulge my enthusiasm. I thought it was a promotion.

I knew going in that they were a challenging client. But I was young (twenty-six), inexperienced (I had never managed people before), and wanted to please the bosses. I thought it was the path to success.

That was in October of 2015. By November I was already burnt out and looking for an escape hatch. I was working longer hours, feeling like I was doing less of what I liked and felt I was good at and more of what I didn't like and felt I was bad at, and spending most of my time amongst increasingly unhappy people. I put it together a few months later that they'd might be out of a job in eighteen months, depending on who won the Presidential election. Of course I wasn't thinking about all that. I thought mostly about how to avoid angry people and why my family kept asking me if I was ok.